"Butter King Jewels" lyrics - MADVILLAIN

"Butter King Jewels"

Check 'em out, check 'em out
Check 'em out, check 'em out
Check 'em out, check 'em out
Check 'em out, check 'em out

Once again...

Ready to test
You've got power, go easy at first
Control on, how's that
So far, so good
Turn on the suction pumps
Pumps on, stand by
It's working, it's blowing in nodules

"If they like me they should go out and buy my records, if they don't like me they shouldn't buy my records"
"'Scuse me, I gotta tie my shoe now"
"Are you rolling?"
"Don't roll, don't roll, I gotta tie my shoe"
"Are we almost through?"
"Why, don't you like to make records?"
"As soon as you get your shoe tied, we'll roll it"
"You rolling?!"
"Are you rolling?!"
"Are you rolling?"

Now ladies and gentlemen, to bring to the floor
A record that was so dirty, so rough
This is the type of record that you would take a [?]
Take two [?]

[Verse 1: MF DOOM]
The beat is sicker than the blood in your stool
The way it repeats can trick ya like a stuttering fool
Uttering butter king jewels
His mudda been cool
Schooled on how to wash away the crud in the drool pool
Made his chrome dome glisten
At first he couldn't tell she had a chromosome missin'
Kept a spare somewhere
In these underwear, he swear
To helped her get the gum out her hair
They need to get they thumb out they rears
And show some skills the one time they come out in years
Instead of dumbin' out in fears of they own shadow
In a game that swell 'em up to dead 'em like cattle
Take your rattle and skadaddle
Before you get a whippin' with the pen and pad paddle
Ghouls, got 'em modeling gear
He came with more rhymes than molecules in air


Make that money

[Verse 2: MF DOOM]
The track was like a thorn in his back
As for the rhymes, I'll give y'all fair warnin', it's crack
Whoever start smokin', come back
Quit, or catch a heart attack up in some bum shack
Sharper than a thumb tack
His body was a temple made of chemicals to the dimple
To him still it wasn't so simple
Kept his right and left hand beefin'
One knockin' teeth in, the other one chiefin'
But first, this song'll make you wanna stomp ya ten toes
Swooped up hooptie Pinto off a pimp my whip
Before they put the system in and had it all stripped
It ain't no need to trip
Indeed he ripped scripts from here to Jebip
Get a grip, leave it a dag mess for beer
Burnin' like a bag of schwag cess in the air

'Cause when ya can't get them food stamps and ya belly hungry
Ya ain't happy
I ain't never seen a hungry-happy motherfucker!
We gon' get to meetin' on the way
But before we get to meetin' on the way
I got a special announcement to make