"Running Around With Another" lyrics - MADVILLAIN

"Running Around With Another"
feat. Viktor Vaughn

Running around with another, oh
Running around with another
Running around with another

"Put your sister on the phone"

[Viktor Vaughn]
It's Viktor

[Anonymous Girl]
"Hey [?]"
"Uh, [?]"
"Oh, hey Viktor"

[Verse 1: Viktor Vaughn]
I knew you was fucking around
Playing all innocent and hoeing since the foundation
Don't make me have to pound his tin crown face in
And risk being jammed up like traffic inbound from spacing
There's been a place for you in my heart since we first met
A teenage love that didn't feel no hurt yet
My boys warned me you was poison like BBD first cassette
And still I put all my chips on the worst bet
Gave up the skirt, now I gotta hear it from the street
How dare you drag my name in the dirt and cheat
You could've broke it off and ended it and dip
And if you spoke soft we could've still preserved the friendship
Now you apologize, that's what they all say
You wasn't sorry when you sucked him off in the hallway
But have it your way, raw, no foreplay
That's you if you want a dude who wear a mask all day
And just to think I used to be proud of you
And you had some real good power...

"No it wasn't- it wasn't nothing like that..."

Running around with another, but bel-
Running around with another, oh

"Well, my brother you didn't tell me that you had called"
"I wasn't at home"

[Verse 2: Viktor Vaughn]
Probably kissed me later that evening, I should be hurling
Matter of fact, gimme back my bracelet and my Shearling
I rather waste it or give it to your girlfriend
She did let me stab it last week while you was workin'
Remember our vacation out to Maryland
I dooked the maid Carolyn, she made me throw the towel in
Like all foul men the time I hit your moms off
I told her knock it off
But she had to set the rocket off
Ain't enough room in this fucking town
When you see tin head tell him be ducking down
I'm not romping around
He better be ready and prepared to be stomped in the ground

"Well, I thought you [?]"

Running around with another, but bel-
Running around with another, oh
Oh- running- oh-
Oh- running- oh-

[Outro: Sample ?]