"Pow! (Intro)" lyrics - MADVILLAIN

"Pow! (Intro)"

[Blassie Skit]
Just like all the rest- Ha!
Yeah? Well, I'm warning all you geeks, and I ain't funnin'
I don't beg for mercy, and I don't give none
If you're lookin' for trouble, I'll loan you some
So just step right up, if you're itchin' for a fight
Next thing you know- Pow! Out go the lights


[The Shadow Skit]
I've never felt the case was completely solved
Oh well, let's forget that. Whenever the ray is broken, the door opens without touching it
Yes, I have sometimes thought of my evil too dangerous. To a certain friend of yours
I don't understand?!
A certain friend of yours- can hide himself from the human eye- but he has a physical being
And the photoelectric beam could detect his presence

This is- Dramatized version of one of the many copyrighted stories now on sale at your local- local-
All the characters and all the places named are fictitious
Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely coincidental

Ha Ha Ha
The wheat bears bitter fruit
Crime does pay
Ha ha ha

[Outro Skit]
Is there any rational explanation?
For goodness sake! Somebody block up that window, I can't hear myself think!
If we push these two filing cabinets over to the right
Push! I will push for my life! (Push)
Yes, now I-