"Sermon" lyrics - MADVILLAIN


Try! Dial-a-vibe!
Say, are you paralyzed from the neck up?
Wanna get pissed off?
Dial seven-eleven-nine-ought-zero-niner-niner!
[?] dial four-thousand-million six-trillion!

[Channel changing]

Remember ladies:
Destroy the odor that proclaims your sex
Use sweet breeze
?When he gets between your knees, use Sweet Breeze!?

[Channel changes]

Just mail- five cents, just a nickel
Along with five cents
Remember, send either five cents in coin, with either-
Five cents, just a nickel
Now, full detail of the offer later

"And if he speaks to you, you know what to do"
Pretend to be scared and answer his questions"
"Eh, there's a first time for everything"
"Are you sure he'll come? It's getting late"
"He'll com all right, doesn't matter how late it is
We'll be here waiting for him"
"What's that?"
"Go ahead, peak behind the curtains."

[Verse: MF DOOM]
How DOOM hold heat then preach non-violence?
Shhh, he about to start the speech, c'mon, silence
On one starry night, I saw the light
Heard a voice that sound like Barry White, said "Sure you right"
Don't let me find out who tried to bite
They better off goin' to fly a kite in a firefight
During tornado time with no coat than I caught ya
Wrote the book on rhymes, a note from the author
-"Come back here! Come back here!!!"-
Got a breadwinner style to get a inner child to finna smile
And that's no exaggeration
The doctor told a patient "It's all in your imagination negro"
Ahh, what do he know?
About the buttery flow, he need to cut the ego
To date the Metal Fellow
Been rippin' flows
Since New York plates was ghetto yellow with broke blue writing
This is too exciting
Folks leave out the show feelin' truly enlightened
They say "The Villain been spitting enough lightning
To rock shock the Boogie Down to Brighton," alright, then

"Wake up, wake up!
You've been dreaming, you've been
And I got bruises to prove it"
"It was all a dream? You're not dead?"
"Not that I heard
Am I supposed to be? Am I supposed to"
"If it was a dream, it was so real"
*Phone hangs*