"Open Your Mind" lyrics - MELISSA ETHERIDGE

"Open Your Mind"

How come there's so many people willing to suffer?
So they get up and suffer every day
They think they were put on this Earth to suffer
And, by God, they're going to suffer
Until they suffer their lives away

How come so many are willing to say
There is no sense
There is no plan
Yet they will not believe the ancient mysteries
Passed down through time into their hands

If my choice is despair or wonder
On the line between truth and belief
Do I just let the tide take me under
Or do I let the fascination come on
And rain on over me

Open your mind
you have been blind
Imagine the answers
or questions will be all you find
Open your mind

The grooves in my life were unforgiving
Over the years I laid them down night after night
Work eat sleep
Work eat sleep
Work eat sleep
Work eat sleep
Work eat sleep
Work eat sleep
Suffocating my delight

I was dragged into the light
Into the stillness
Into the white hot flame of my deepest fears
And as I came crashing through
Humbled and true
I was better than I'd been in years

If my choice is end or beginning
In my perception between death and light
I'll keep on with this message I'm sending
We may not know how or when
But don't you want to know why?