"Bite The Thong" lyrics - MF DOOM

"Bite The Thong"

Dude's doin' faster show
JJ DOOM go pop, not so irrational
You see the cash it pull? Y'all know the M.O
Vil been killin' flow since back when "It's a Demo"
Or "Please Listen To My Demo", keep "The Crossover"
He been flippin' beats since Casio Bossa Nova
We need a chauffeur for the rover where they go 'fer
If you gotta ask, you ain't supposed to have it, oh, uh
No duh. Silver with the mocha
Make sure it's turbo, jump a river with the joker broker
Stay, about to flip
Never know what happen like a play without the script, out your lip
Get a grip on a and all the pells
Repeatin' after meetin', everything swell, ring bells
Mid-verse, hot sip drinkin'
It's a optical illusion, not lip-syncin'. Thinkin'
Who's to know?

Right and wrong
Write the song
Bite the thong

In the world but not of it
Shove it. Above top secret bug, then she gotta love it, rub it
Go for the club kid. One hit wonder
Killin' it, a brilliant career move blunder
Clear blue thunder, rock 'n' roll the whole house, announce
The true hunter, not control out, bid an ounce
Skate, next time you see 'em
Straight jacket, Hip Hop Hall Of Fame museum
On the screen gem, for the soundtrack
What's the meanin' of the theme? Is the clown wack?
It's all relative to how swell you live in the long run
Hell, tell a fear, get the song done
We the wrong ones so don't be ass
It's hard enough tryna breath up in the mask
They know the supervillain name, he stay gaming 'em
Paper from the fame he learn from watchin' Damon them
I'm not blaming 'em

Vil knows right and wrong
Write the song
Bite the thong