"GMO" lyrics - MF DOOM


There they go feminizing men again
Then pretend they don't know when we know it, xenoestrogen
Exorcise the jinn
Keynote lecture with a spin
Meant to get c-notes from end to end
Whoever use canola oil ya soul'll boil
For a longer time it take a diet cola to spoil
Uh, I get what you're sellin'
Swellin' from alien microfilaments it's more (gellins?)
Even if you're gellin'
What's that in your melon? And what the hell is they sprayin'? No tellin'
Barium strontium, aluminum
Well drink responsibly, get the jewel from DOOM and them
Can't trust the tap water much less the kettle
Double entendre to the phrase test your meddle
The rest'll settle, just to get fed well
As the livin' dead infect the red cell

Don't drink the milk, it's spoiled
The blood and stuff in it make it stink it's why it's boiled
Snake oil sales from doorbell doctors who slip Mickey's
And trick you to strip to get jipped quickly
Kick me, you know it's gettin' worse
No help from bein' upset ya startin' to curse first
Better off with a good sense of humor
Research to know what's the truth instead of rumor
Ya partner DOOM is who'll ride
Or either do or die like farmer suicide, chew your pride
Might as well start amountin' pro boxin'
Then force-feedin' them toddler food laced with excitotoxins
They did it like the funky worm
Enough to make a junkie squirm, mice make ya monkey sperm
Or rice infused with diarrhea drugs
Wonder why he's here well shrug, hell yeah it's bugged

And it gets bugged'er by the minute

Question: Will the frankenfoods kill us?
Or turn us into thangs off Thriller, or dang gorillas?
Breeds of a needless variety
In the name of greed we in a seedless society
Flounder genes in your tomatoes
Cod in your potatoes, playin' God, retarded'er than Plato
And as the juice gets sweeter
No use in bein' cute if you's a useless eater
Make it hard to keep your mattress clean
That was mean, little froggies with sex changes from atrazine
And aspartame in gum, Splenda is plenty fun
Left many strung, agenda 21
Or have your third eye cry or your side blown
Or ride on, forgot the silent guide stone
Yours truly all caps DOOM
Sue him if you're gloomy, or glue him to your tomb

She take it to feel better
But there's more to the concoction
She'll keep it
Got a lot, can you keep it?
Got these keys to the cuffs
To unlock all these secrets
[?] Professor, yes teaching
With the villain, strategic
Got these apples and peaches
The size of Kelly and Regis
You won't believe to you see it
And with them come these allergies
Underage with doubles Ds
Aw, man, ya killing me