"Dawg Friendly" lyrics - MF DOOM

"Dawg Friendly"

Ayo D what the dealy? You know me
Dropping all these beats to slap these cats silly
Feeling 90% of these dudes? Not really
So many wack cats that I'm more dawg friendly
So instead of complaining I put myself back into gaming
'Cause half of my entertainment is better than your laming
And I say that with no shame man, no qualms at all
I'm walking through these hallowed halls
These students ain't in class at all
Talking with the smartest little dude, better knock it off
Yes I'm like a growling dog on a rusty chain
Bout to go in on you kitty kittys
In the middle of the gritty city
Ain't nothin' ain't nothin' friendly
Drop you off so lame New Guinea
Pretend it never happened while you eatin' fruit listening to 90s Luchini
Chilling with this fly chick who looks great in her olive bikini
007 scenery, D-A-W-G agent
Just in case you wondering where the strays went

Dawg Friendly
Yep, Dawg Friendly

Yo stop holding back, give that dog a bone
If you ain't got no scraps, leave that dog alone
Like my man DMX, don't get at me dawg
If you ain't cutting cheques, then you don't got songs
Keeping it strictly biz, also for the love
But if you ain't got no kid's, then you don't get my struggle
Gotta keep me under muzzle been silenced since 3-piece puzzle not really yo
I've been shaping your minds and dropping that knowledge with Willie
Shout out to G-A-P-A, especially Atlanta and Philly
Yeah that's that Georgia VA yeah that's that Georgia player
We got the peoples on the chain tryna tilt that way up
You see the people when I freeze all the time where they are