"Still Kaps" lyrics - MF DOOM

"Still Kaps"

WILLIE ISZ in all caps like MF explain DOOM!
Cops refuse like a thousand elephants in a room
My fuse broke, I'm hot like the human torch
Make your baby momma want to to take me back to court
Make your daddy want to get the dog off the porch
Make your uncle go and want another corpse
Abort mission, I'm full of them gamma rays
Call me Mr. Green, eyes red every day
What's that name? WILLIE ISZ, not WILLIE EYES
Get it right 'fore I take you on a funky ride
Through the woods, through the villes, hills and all the homes
One time for my brother Sidewest Armstrong
Attack of the clones
Best to guard the swag
Can't catch what you can't see, I'm fast like the Flash
I prefer cash but I take checks too
Make it payable to WILLIE ISZ in caps fool