"Kargyraa Moan" lyrics - PAUL PENA

"Kargyraa Moan"

My wife died, went on that long black train,
Three years since then have come and gone again.
Had to find some way to sooth my soul,
That's when I found that Kargyraa Moan. And it goes

[First Chorus (No lyrics. Sounds from o to a in kargyraa style.)]

Walked on in to a little record store,
He had something from Tuva, said "I want it," don't you know,
By the time I met Chadaana's Kongar-ol,
Knew how to do that Kargyraa Moan.

Now I'm going on my way of life,
Sometimes we get in trouble, some times we have some strife.
Sometimes it seems so bad, people, feels like you're all alone,
That's when you want to moan that Kargyraa Moan.

[Repeat chorus (in kargyraa and chylandyk)]