"Kongurey (Where Has My Country Gone?)" lyrics - PAUL PENA

"Kongurey (Where Has My Country Gone?)"

Aldan chetken chylgymnyng
Alazy kaydal, Konggurey?
Aldy kozhuun chonumnyng
Aaly kaydal, Konggurey? Konggurey?

Where are the sixty horses in my herd?
Where is the hitching post for my horse, Konggurei?
Where are the six regions of my homeland?
Where is the village of my tribe, Kongurei?

Cheden chetken chylgymnyng
Chelezi kaydal, Konggurey?
Chedi kozhuun chonumnung
Cheri kaydal, Konggurey?

Where are the seventy horses in my herd?
Where is the tether for my horse, Konggurey?
Where are the seven provinces of my homeland?
Where is my people, Kongurey?

[Repeat first verse]

Aldyn-ydyk Tangdymny
Aramaylap, dagydym.
Aldy kozhuun chonumnu
Algap yoreep, maktadym, maktadym, maktadym.

The Aldyn-ydyk Tangdy mountains
Are the greatest of them all
Where are the six regions of my country?
I praise, praise, praise the people of them.

Burun shagdan adam-ogben Tyva churttum
Aldy kozhuun chonum kaydal:
Baryyn Khemchik, Choooon Khemchik, Ulug-Khemim;
Tozhu kozhuun, Kaa-Khem kozhuun, Tes-Khemim,
Aldy kozhuun meeng chonum
Ara-albaty Tyva chonum
Azyp chor men, tenip chor men
Meeng chonum, kayda siler?

The oldest, rural times of our Tuvan people
Where are the six regions of my homeland?
Baryyn Khemchik, Choooon Khemchik, my Ulug-Khem;
Tozhu region, Kaa-Khem region, my Tes-Khem.
The six regions of my homeland.
The shepherds of my Tuvan homeland.
I am becoming lost, disconnected, cut off.
My homeland, where have you gone?

Paul's kargyraa

[Repeat first verse]