"Tras D'Orizao (Beyond The Horizon)" lyrics - PAUL PENA

"Tras D'Orizao (Beyond The Horizon)"

Tras d'orizao teng terra, teng terra long' teng mar i seu.
Na mar i seu teng Jar Brava,
Jar Brava'nya terra, terra'd'nya cre cheu.

[Repeat verse]

Beyond the horizon, there is a land, sea, and sky.
In the sea and sky is Jar Brava,
Jar Brava is my land and the land of my sweetheart.

Mos, bo ke nya'mig mand'es cartinya,
O bu ta lebal pa nya cre cheu?
Ora k(i)bu chiga'la bu ta fram'el,
Ki m ta sinti sodadi lonji.
Dor di pashao m teng amor di bai Cabo Verd'.

[Repeat bridge]

Oh, young man, my friend, take this letter for me,
Please you will take it to my darling?
When you get there tell her for me,
That I feel great home sickness (longing),
And pain, and passion; I long to return to Cabo Verde.


[Repeat verse twice, repeat bridge twice.]