"Best Believe" lyrics - PETE ROCK

"Best Believe"
feat. LD & Redman

Eh you already know what it is nigga
Lemme tell you something (Eh fuck them Gilla House niggas)
Eh what you talkin' about bitch I'm a pimp
God damn right I'mma do it like this

I tie up my Air Nikes prepare for the mic
Straight throwin' up the bike on Jersey Turn Pike
VROOOM, Get at me the Doctor is fine
Cadillac transform into Optimus Prime, I ain't lyin'
I'm the future satellite dish on the Coupe
Wanna be hood down I'll recruit ya
I talk with slang that swang like Slick Rick chain
King Tut's my new nick name
I'm at the Knicks game when it's on
I get Nuggets so I'm there with a Carmello uniform
I jerk to a pawn then I'm off to work
Train to box you in like Buddy McGirt
Expert got the Draft not Miller
I hustle my flows like weed you know the bags got bigger
NIGGA! Boy a puss
If the pen run outta ink I kill another octopus
Got the house like Dane Cook, Red L & Pete Rock
The pressure make the wiz blow on the teapot
Since 19 I had detox, I was rockin' Reebok's
Copying the Human Beat Bo
Now I'm from the East Side all grown up
Places I played in nigga all sewn up
I'm chasin' that dream 'till I'm at the Garden
On a thousand foot screen in red monkey JEANS!!

[Pete Rock (scratching 'Fire!')]
Best believe we get high, nigga
Best believe we get by, nigga
Best believe we get fly, nigga la, la, la, la, la
Best believe we get high, nigga
Best believe we get by, nigga
Best believe we get live, nigga

Hot damn ho here we go again (Let's Go)
My God damn flow buries hoes & men (Yup)
I got grams yo stereo was in four rush
Too rough for your scary flow to win (Yup)
Hard stop when I'm barely going in
Might as well start singin' like Mario & them (Yup)
So what's the scenario?
L Pete Rock Funk Doc yup here we go again (Yes Sir)
I stay high like a guy who supplies in the sky
You probably gotta fly just to buy (Whoo!)
Kinda guy walkin' by with a Desert 45
Probably be a legend before I die (Die!) You wanna see me pay?
You wanna freestyle? Freestyle's for the CBA
Brook niggas wanna be me eh
I'm down with the Kiiiing, got soul like VBK


[Pete Rock]
I be tossin' & flossin' my style is awesome
I grind in my house like Rosario Dawson
Got a studio up in the crib, my very own Hit Factory
D&D/Quad as I reminisce over you my God
To the sounds of the Soul Brother #1
(Jump) all around like Everlast & them 'cause your boy back
Man I'm sick of this bubble gum rap
With a soda on the side that these labels & the radio is feedin' us
You ain't gotta eat that stuff
I'm speakin' off the cuff 'cause a brother like Pete don't really give a...(Damn)
Been a classic since Rakim was rockin' a fade
With a half moon part & Big Daddy Kane was writing for Biz Mark
And I really don't think that you little niggas wanna start
Listen guppy you swimmin' with a shark
You a puppy I'm a big dog, somethin' like Pete Rock the invincible
Plug it into you make it all official..check 1,2


[Scratches "Fire!"]