"Made Man" lyrics - PETE ROCK

"Made Man"
feat. Tarrey Torae

[Pete Rock]
Yo its been a blessing to be deemed a living legend
And when they started snitchin I only gave them confessions
I ain't stressin shit thats outta my control
I done went platinum & I done went gold
I done made beats for dudes who hit below the belt
I guess it's about time I made a beat for myself
Be positive or negative, still bitin my rhetoric
And got a fanbase from Japan to Connecticut
Got that medicine for everybodys sick
And I rep New York like I play for the Nicks
And yall could credit my kicks & pay for ya dimes
Bein a rapper is not an alternative to crime
I done supplied it year after year
Beats that made babies beats that made your career
So be clear my nigga when you step in the booth
And be clear if your tellin the truth

[Hook: Pete Rock & Tarrey Torae]
Niggas will pop you, sayin the gospel
From a rap song they heard with the hip hop apostle
Became chaotic & filled with mayhem
At the end of the day I'll always be a made man
And play the same hand that I was dealt
You ain't never walked in my shoes or feel what I felt
So I had to share it, it was on my brain fam
Pete Rock the Soul Brother still a made man

[Pete Rock]
And tell them young boys burnin' spliffs in here
I done been in this game for like 15 years
This trick I'm pullin all the stops
Since when makin music needed the cops?
A little before but now DJ's gettin' popped
Rest in peace to JMJ, Justo & Carl Blaze
But what I've learned I ain't learned in no classes
But it's always been my pleasure to touch the masses
You bought a computer & now you connected
You burning CD's but you ain't buy my records
I respect it but it's gotta be respected just the same
Pete Rock the first in the hip hop hall of fame
With all the names you know plastered on the wall
Famous for they words not a basket or a ball
You can have a casting call & get nothing but actors
You can have a talent search & get nothin' but rappers


[Pete Rock]
You can dance like Diddy, or get swollen like 50
Or be like every other rapper get busted with a gliccky
The game real sticky & brothers get stuck
But cats should know when not to push they luck
Beggin' for a buck just to get on the train
I got a lot of bars that's stuck on my brain
I don't spit it in vein I do it for the public
Pete Rock did it for y'all I hope y'all love it