"Till I Retire" lyrics - PETE ROCK

"Till I Retire"

[Pete Rock]
Yo we had a few kings, some dudes wore the crown
Gotta say rest in peace to James Brown
I know you love the sound coming through your speakers
Feel it from your hat all the way to your sneakers
I wrote this thesis with pieces of the puzzle missin'
Make sure you choose wisley it's your decision
Gotta rendition & rederick you've never heard
Spit it with clarity my words are never slurred
I concured after seeing the facts baby
Very enthused after being relaxed baby, slipped through the cracks
And passed by undetected, you don't gotta like it
But you know you'll respect it, well connected & still make it
Pop, people wanna know "Pete when your album drop?"
When hip hop's heart supposedly stopped
More bars than Alcatraz just call me the Rock

Yo you tryna mock me talk 'em out, I hate 'em
Standing here spitting all my bars verbatim
Ay yo spin it back son I'mma bring the fire
The same one that knocked down the towers
And the wire, you preachin' to the choir PR the messiah
I won't stop rockin' till I retire!
I won't stop rockin' till I retire (Scratching DMC)

[Pete Rock]
I hear the talk what's the hating about?
Pete Rock 07 still straighten it out
Y'all niggas hatin' on the South
'Cause they gettin' the shine
I advise ya'll rap dudes better get on your grind
H-I-P H-O-P real life true story
Homey ain't D-E-A-D, I still get paid
If I don't make another beat, niggas say they made me
Then make another Pete, I got some other heat
That y'all never felt I like these cards & whoever dealt mine
Bets are straight even with the chips against me
Prove it to me [10x] & then you'll convince me
Seen some come & seen some go
Said I seen some who still don't know
I'm a true believer that hard work pays off
If you work hard one day you'll be the boss

(Scratching DMC)

[Pete Rock]
C'mon the games been good I had a long run
You might miss hearing from me like when the songs done
The wrong one, get it in his clutches
It's like giving a dude who can't roll all the Dutches (can't roll)
I got a budget but don't ask about me
Look ma dude hold your dick when you pee! Exactly
Be concerned with yourself
Said you waste a lotta energy destroying your health
My time is spent dealing with truth
I've been a world renowned name before they said it in Juice (before they said it)
Put you in position, staring down the barrel
We got prisoners of rap shout out to Jamal Barrels
Show me the work & put it on the scal
I always hate to see a black man in jail
If I could tip the scales & talk to Lady Justice
The cops will be on trial the government be busted
I can't trust it, it ain't always been true
Leave the game with a question mark like DJ Clue
Gotta give thanks, be grateful for my gifts
Put it on digital video or audio disc (my nigga)

(Scratching DMC)
"'Till I Retire"
"I'm The King"
"'Till I Retire"
"I'm The King"