"Don't Be Mad" lyrics - PETE ROCK

"Don't Be Mad"

[Pete Rock]
You niggas hate me because I live like a champion
I'm eating scampian shrimp
And the vehicles I'm lampin' in you can't be in
I'm the one like Mr. Anderson
Rappers can't handle them
I hand em' a handkerchief & hang of shit, it's Pete Rock
The nigga you should be hangin' with, bangin' with
But you havin' problems trying to tame your chick
And I know it makes you sick, see me in the 6
With your chick bumpin' my shit singing high pitched
She on her SideKick, telling her girls we got that hot shit
Boppin' like "Who made the beat?" Green Lantern bitch
Yeah so pay the nigga homage, I'm about them dollars
I could pay for you to go to college
Sometimes a little modest but yo I'm no trick girl
Collect cash is the motto, ya'll quick fast tryna come up in my world
This is grown man BI & y'all just squirrels

Don't be mad because you can't do what I can
Like when Jordan went up took that shot & switched hands (With his tongue out!)
Don't be mad 'cause you not me
I'm the fuckin' poster boy for the MPC my nigga

[Pete Rock]
I had to spit this verse for the world & the rest of y'all boys
Rest in peace to Trouble T Roy
Usually produce a hit record now I'm making the noise
Calm & poise, got inflection in my voice
Should be the choice to make the people respect the movement
I did it dog of course I know what I'm doing
Pursuing what got tossed in the wind
There was a point in time me, Puff, Eddie & C.L. was friends
Hef set trends & put the hood on
But you know the hood is hood & the hood will do wrong
I ain't Rodney King, so I don't care if we don't get along
The point of the song is to make the wrongs right
You at the top of your career but you not at your hype
D. Mac on Scotty G keep my hairline tight
Roll a backwood over a dutch
The shop is exit 10 of the hutch
I spit this verse for Unique 2 5 & dutch
Reminiscing when I got the name Rock
Round the same time Hef still lived on my block
The game flipped flopped & shit got controversial
Everyman for himself I guess we going to commercial

[Chorus 2x:]

[Pete Rock]
Get it crunk do your thing like Camron
Pete Rock coming with heat & that's word bond
Beastin' on the track like I lost my Akon
New York New York bring it back to the east dog
I'm tryna make ends meet, stay true to the street
Kill them with the beats make stacks & still eat
This is for my son E & the rest of my family
Holla at your boy PR be the recipe

[Chorus 2x:]

My nigga Green Lantern one time for your mind..
Yeah taking hip hop by storm once again
Legendary status
Ya'll niggas...one