"Insemination" lyrics - PIGFACE


Really real crouches in decending patterns
Really real crouches in decending patterns
Light brigade fractures pain and pleasure
Left and right crosses the street of friction
Kill the lights and forget about the traffic changes
Walk sign left behind dicided not to follow
Braille speechless find it out again
Alleviate tradition just to piss in someone face
Regressive the lights on to see
On sunlight make myopic glasses on the eyes
Crucify the vision impaired
On the images retarded
All the rituals gone bad
Look inside the pocket for money worth used
Instead of arms immobilized
Killed written words dangerous hallucination
Forget distrust the man who lives with it
The man who lives with it
Crack kicking bones it burns rises from its earthly bounds
No lease on love to please on again to recipe
Dysfunction a cure for all reorganize another fall
Failing to see the sick and agony disturbed motion
Electric waving
Motion red the bed sheet heaving rip
The womb of bullshit a child died anyway.