"A Place In The Night" lyrics - PRETTY MAIDS

"A Place In The Night"
(Ken Hammer)

Watching the night life
See the creatures of the street
Charming ladies dressed to kill
Movin' on to get a deal for the night

Out in the dark the fire is on
The heat is burning
And something strange
Is running through my weins
Drivin' me insane oh

Searching for a place in the night
I don't wanna hear you call
Lookin' hard for somewhere to hide away

Oceans of passion
Running slowy through my mind
As the fever starts to burn
Something tells me to return and go home

I'm on the loose
I don't even know which way to choose
Like a stranger in the night
Like a looser in a fight
I'm totally left out on my own




Walkin' in circles
With the pieces of the past
All those memories on my mind
How do I escape that time and forget

Mystical woman, I was blinded, didn't see
I was just like hypnotized, dreamer in disquise
Allways ment to be, yeah