"Waitin' For The Time" lyrics - PRETTY MAIDS

"Waitin' For The Time"
(Ronnie Atkins / Ken Hammer)

It really was a farewell
My life should change, the time should tell
Should I walk forever out on the lonely roads

The way of life, the game of love
Some of the things I've been thinking of
Should we rejoin together
Only heaven knows

It's just like my world is burning
Won't you help me through
The weels of life, they seem stop turning
It depends on you

I'm lost, I'm caught in a nightmare
Won't you set me free
Out of the chains and the memort pain
I'm blinded I can't see

Waitin' for the time to come
I guess it's the right thing to do
Waitin' for the only one
I'm waitin' for you

Passion and love, I'll never teach it
But I still hope, that one day I'll reach it
I know I treat you in the wrong way
Sometimes I cheated you night and day


I had my chances, I did abuse them
The circumstances, all made me loose them
I was a fool yeah, I was on fire
Too much too cruel and too much a liar

Where can I find the answer
Tell me who can say
It's tearing my heart
Come lead me to the way
I'm sitting in these days of sorrow
Thinking of these days of joy
But there might be a day torrow
Where happiness can't be destroyed



Now I am dreaming, just can't forget you
When you were leaving, how could I let you
You were my life wire, a true connection
But I can't reach you, 'cause there's no reaction