"Bang (Outro)" lyrics - RAEKWON

"Bang (Outro)"

I got what you need
And I got what you want
And you don't have to look no more no
'Cause baby
'Cause baby you was all mine
And I'm gonna be all yours baby
See the moments in the night
And all the little things that you like
It starts right here, it starts right here
Most of these dudes can't be real men nowadays
All of them [?]
I ain't with that baby
I'm always let my nuts hang
This is how them real G's
Always do their damn thing
Ooooh yah
I let my wings go
I let my wings go girl
So it means a G like me might really fly
High, yes I do baby
I'm out here hustling
Bubbling, jugging
This this, dig that

(Let's go)