"Can't You See" lyrics - RAEKWON

"Can't You See"

You are gone, it is hard for me to leave carry on
'Cause I know that you are far away, far, far away
Far away, far far away today
Baby won't you...

RoadsArt waddup
Let me tell y'all a story, man
Listen man, from here

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
I'm tired of fishscale wars stayin' in all green
New Balance sneaker, white wranglers on the scene
We was youngsters, 80's babies getting in shit
Stolen cars, fell from monkey bars, flippin' and shit
Little thieves fresh out the P's
Broke heads is sled, slidin' through, two' five in my sleeves
Eggs and cheese, young niggas, by any means
We was saved watching Malcolm and Martin
Hold them things police, freeze, niggas is jettin'
No time for off track bettin', we was wetting niggas
Take these gunshots, sippin' rum shots on the roof
Hibernating blow with ease
Better needs, the father seeds, cutting school, dippin' but truancy Ds
Influenced me with trees
Blue and cream, sat back, all I know is how to dream
Check the theme, watch the playboys run with kings

[Verse 2: Raekwon]
Now it's all about good livin', raising my children
I done seen the flames, escaped from the hell storms
Credentials of a high chief, blowin' on that potent broc' leaf
My old earth got a chance to see a black man run the white house
She shows her bright teeth, oh what a beautiful sight
But still some livin' strenuous through the struggles are unbearable
To ease the pain and eagerly seek the preacher for parables
To stop the rain and hoping somewhere to bring some sunshine
I'm livin' proof that it's possible, any obstacle, you face it
Can be erased son, don't let it conquer you
Throughout my journey had some snakes in my past
But I couldn't let 'em strike me and catch the Devilish germ from them
But the lesson was valuable, yeah, I learned from them
If they ain't godly, they wicked, there's no concern for them
Know in a good space, more connections with more cake
Before I let somethin' come between a nigga I burn some'

[Outro: Raekwon]
Aiyo, burn some', kid
See if a man can flip himself inside out par
He fall out and die if you see all this shit that's going on man
It's real