"Fuck You Up Card (Skit)" lyrics - RAEKWON

"Fuck You Up Card (Skit)"

[[?] & (Raekwon)]
Take my card kid
Its my shit man
Word its called the fuck you up card man
Kids that used to work with me know what time it is
Take it man
Pass a few out to the homeboys
You know what time it is
A buck for broken jaws
(A buck for broken jaws huh?)
I need ninety dollars for slaps, heavy face slaps
1300 dollars for the full flip
We leave niggas naked for the tips too kid
Let me know what time it is aight
Love you to death and keep rhyming you heard
(I'm feeling that)
(I'm feeling this nigga son)
(This niggas the truth)
(Wild lil' nigga)