"Class Reunion" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Class Reunion"
(Don Henry / Craig Morris)

Here's a bill, here's a mailer from the mall
Here's some more bills
And in a stack almost buried by them all
The mascot caught my eye from good ol' central high
The graduating class will get together in July
For a

Class reunion
Has it been that long (I guess it's been that long)
It's my class reunion
Hail to our school
Hail Central High

I wonder how the gang is doing now, can't wait to see them
I wonder too how that girl I never knew
But dreamed of secretly though she never noticed me
Doesn't matter now but I wonder if she'll be at the

Class reunion
Toast the past we knew
It's my class reunion
Here's to our school
Hail Central High

In the middle of July my memories hit the hometown
I walked in to a dark deserted gym
Did I read the letter right, is this the time, the place, the night
Then a familiar face stepped in underneath the exit light
That girl I never knew smiled nervously and said
I sent one invitation hoping we could finally meet
What a

Class reunion
Can I dance with
What a class reunion
Here's to me and you
And old Central High