"Staying Afloat" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Staying Afloat"
(Don King / J.D. Martin)

It's another Saturday evenin'
Just you and me in the black and white
But we're dreamin' in color, tellin' each other
Things are lookin' bright

Soon we'll be skimmin' the water
I hear the wind and the sails tonight
We're just payin' our dues for that luxury cruise
In paradise

We just stayin' afloat till our ship comes in
Keepin' our heads above water
Stayin' afloat till our ship comes in
We're holdin' on to each other

You could've married for money
I could've married this dream inside
But we're two go getters swimmin' together
In the stream of life

They say it's never been harder
Makin' this leap keepin' love alive
Now we're up to our necks
Bills outnumber the checks
But our love survives