"Step On Out" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Step On Out"
(Chris Hillman / Peter Knobler)

My baby don't take prisoners
She leaves the walkin' wounded for the other girl
She's a spark in the dark out on the back lot
Shoot you down if you give her a whirl

Seems like she's seen it all before
What she hasn't seen she's heard of
So keep your secrets hid
I got my heart out on my sleeve and an eye on the door

I'm gonna step on out
I'm a tramp all over this town for a dime a dance
I'm gonna step on out
And she's front page news in her dancin' shoes
Screamin' head-liner romance

My baby dances for life
She's a sidewalk ballerina
Takes it all in stride
Just a New York City lady's
Only sin is pride