"Roll Tennessee River" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Roll Tennessee River"
(Dave Loggins / Russell Smith)

Well I might have a big ol' catfish cookin' on the stove
I might be sittin' out in front porch swing
But when I hear that diesel whine it's time to pack my ol' guitar
Sayin' goodbye river I'll see you in my dreams

I'm motorin' up to Detroit City
Then I'm headed south to try to burn Atlanta down
Singin' the songs that I wrote on a flat bottomed boat
Livin' on the Tennessee River in the heart of Alabam'

Roll Tennessee River
(Keep On) Rollin' through my soul
Roll Tennessee River
(Won't You) Go with me wherever I go

Well I might be anywhere from Maine to California
Sittin' in some hotel room so cold
Watchin' the world go by in a rush
From the window of a bus
Thinkin' about my baby in Muscle Shoals

I'm gonna be up rockin' all night in New York City
Then I'm goin' down to play the blues in Lousiann'
North and south, it's all the same
Faces with no name
Givin' me smiles to take back home to Alabam'

I can hear that river bank callin'
I can feel that current runnin' strong
In every song
In every song