"Erratic Palpitations Of The Human Spirit" lyrics - TOURNIQUET

"Erratic Palpitations Of The Human Spirit"

Surprised by such an evil thought
Where did this thing come from?
I thought I cast it far away
But it's creepin back to me some
My spirit's willing - flesh is weak
Humility again I seek
I had my heart in His command
But soldiers fall when they proudly stand
Another day again I pray that I may find the narrow way

And like the camel trying to find that eye of the needle
So aimlessly I search around with now anser that's real
Other Gods have come and gone one's left standing on the throne
There is only one who's blameless only one who's love sustains us
Expunge at will on matters whether Gods exist to love proficient
Setting out to prove He's false you ended up in foreign missions
Analytic, pathogenic, supercalafragilistic
Cut it up and let it stand the theologic test
You'll see a faith that wavers not - others crumble, waste and rot

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom
When you think that you've arrived thousands more you have to drive
Like a hand springing from the carnal six foot soil
Buried many years ago never more again recoil
When you think you stand alone you will fall despite your toil

Freedom, Freedom, Freedom
Seek not your life form any other
His power alone is sufficient for you
His love and His grace they will see you through
Teh poisonous well has been purified
The scars on your heart have been sanctified
The Father above has been glorified

When it seems life is a miserable place to be
Remember the words that He gave you and me
Believe in your heart and you will be set free