"Microscopic View Of A Telescopic Realm" lyrics - TOURNIQUET

"Microscopic View Of A Telescopic Realm"

Darwinistic Dante's Inferno partially obstructed preconceptions steering the helm
Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm

As the fire's embers faded and wrought their broken, dying ghosts black upon the ground
And the sunlight sets the clouds aflame
Do you not gaze in wonder of how they became?

What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?

And the grandest of valleys and canyons that are cut with the passing of eons of time
From a wave of the mightiest hand from the giver of life and beauty sublime

When the tufted footfalls of a jungle beast silently slip past your panicking feet
And the soul within you marvels and your praise to Him is cast
Do you really think Mr. Darwin's words and thoughts truly are the last?

Chaos, order

As scaled wings erupt in brilliant colors spectrum's view
When a seed becomes a plant and then a tree then starts anew
Of skeletal frame of fins and flight by chance they do appear by might?
Of atoms protoplasmic start will soon contain a beating heart

Chaos, order

As the sunlight sets the clouds aflame, do you not wonder of how they became?

If the monster lives in the depths of Loch Ness
And the Yeti prowls the nights in the Northwest
He is their Maker - both the Giver of Life, the quencher of strife
From the world's first dividing cell to the loneliest quarters of hell