"A Throne Below" lyrics - WATAIN

"A Throne Below"
(Erik Danielsson / Watain)

Downwards, search and you shall find
Certain as the setting sun was so descent
But the deeps are old and without end
There's more than darkness in them

More than a heart may hold
More than man may learn
Before the eyes of a god
In judgement stern

Down there
You shall reap what you have sown

There flow the rivers of our being out of sight
Into never ending night

All we have ever known
All that was and is to come
And all which never came to pass
In that abyss alike extinguished

Down there
All that a heart may hold
All that man may learn
In that piercing light
To ashes turn

Yet without fear
We must journey there
And stand erect
Before the lidless stare