"Sacred Damnation" lyrics - WATAIN

"Sacred Damnation"
(Erik Danielsson / Watain)

Violence! In holy brimstone plumed
Wild destruction sovereign
The beast sublime
A wolf upon the ridge at night
Hungry is the dark
From where extends the radiant blade

Held steadily at my throat
It has sharpened my voice
So that it one day may pierce
Whatever stands before me
Raised from affliction to the mighty halls
In veneration of the devilgod
Resonating as the heavens fall

Born of the power
That authors the vehemence of the cobras thrust
And the willingness in the blind perdition of the storm
In cruelty so utterly precise

A leprous smile
Behind each prophets neck
The eternal curse
A black wound hissing
In the christ flesh

So we make our offering
With voice and blade alike
From the flames of sacrifice
A sulphurous scent
From affliction to the mighty halls
To the kingdom of the devilgod
Where freedom is the only law

Of iron will is the anvil wrought
Anointed with the blood of tyrants
In sacred flame our vengeance forged

One single stab to penetrate the armor of our foes
As truth is told, their laws denied
Their heaven spent, damnation sanctified