"Ultra (Pandemoniac)" lyrics - WATAIN

"Ultra (Pandemoniac)"
(Erik Danielsson / Watain)
feat. Attila Csihar

What madness stirs in the depths of the dark?
Ever so near...
Like forlorn beasts of prey stalking their captor
Unholy revenants
Manifestation of the curse that gnaws
Like shards in the folds of flesh

Sanctity begotten in damnations womb
Abominations in the presence of whom
The fertile seeds of iniquity deep in the heart
Begin to germinate and take form

Eyes for teeth and teeth for eyes
Teeth that see and eyes that bite
Through the gates of the night

Wild and free - The Power

Their trail is marked by a residue of nameless rage
And the severed hands of the thieves that sway
In winds that howl forevermore through the abyss
And rise at will
Up from the Netherworld