"The Fire Of Power" lyrics - WATAIN

"The Fire Of Power"
(Erik Danielsson / Watain)

Behold the arrow from a Devil's bow
Come cutting like a comet through the aether
Risen from low lands by the gusts of yet deeper tracts
A singular light in extension

Ascending now, on a course by will assigned
To illuminate the darkness of the mind
A fire of organic divine

The fire
The fire of power

A luminous procession through aeons of night
Ever onward 'neath the Lodestar
Against the winds, against the law of our times
Kindlers 'of the flame, pilgrims of the dark

Who do not fear to walk the way the vultures fly
Towards destruction and doom
Arms outstretched and willingly consumed

By fire
The fire of power

"For thou hast said in thy heart, I will ascend into heaven
And exalt my throne above the stars; until seated upon the
Mount of Gods, in the uttermost north:"

On a mount overlooks the known world
Stands a solitary man
Silent in the storm, with his bow in hand
Once a barren desert, now a sea of flames
And eventually but embers

So the fire of power becomes the fire of the end
Reddening the ruins of the earth
Now bow unto the merciless redeemer

Of fire
The fire of power
The fire of a God