"Black Flames March" lyrics - WATAIN

"Black Flames March"
(Set Teitan)

We sing these words of praise to Thee
Mightiest of Might, Unbound Divinity
Sung so loud by a Nameless Kin
Resounding through the halls of the Temple of Ain

As our deeds of Fire, unto the Last
Illuminate the Darkest Path
This war will end when All is Nothing
With Truth as the only weapon, I am the Will of God!

So shine bright
With all your Might
The Adversarial Fire
Burns High tonight

We march to this symphony
Which resounds from afar
Yet burns within as cacophony
And each step that we take leaves but ashes
On the crooked trail behind
No words. No forms. No thoughts

Sovereign of conquest
Dark One
Yet thy Light illuminates my Path
The Black light of Death
By the Powers of the Eleven Heads
And Through their Gate
Now, Come!
Now, Come!

Heading far beyond the gates of death
Disembodied Black Flames March
In perfect Unity, burning sublime
Reaching ecstasy divine

So burn high
With all our Spirit's Strength
The Liberated Flames
Mark the end of the blind tyrant's reign