"Sleepless Evil" lyrics - WATAIN

"Sleepless Evil"

Out hard into the darkness our praise is sung
On cloven hooves, in cloven tongues, from cloven hearts and from cloven heads;
From the dark past echo the chants...
(Unto the) saints of murder, gods of all, who turned their back towards the world
In them, the shadows, we commit our deeds
Nocturnal crimes while calm you sleep
Secret is their legacy, their horrors violent
Nameless as their graves, forever silent
They never sleep. They never rest
Dwellers in the realms infernal; Sleepless, evil ones
Emanations of the night eternal. Sleepless evil demons of the old world
Far beneath the world of man, in halls lit by a light owing nothing to that of day
There they dwell, they who weave the webs
There it walks, that ought to crawl
The haunted fields forever they must wander
In twilight locked, forever to abide
Until the doors shall open at the crossroads, into the other side...
Smell Vitriol, smell blackest bile
They're drawing closer to the gate
The Serpents are about to reconcile
Worlds are to burn, yes, the hour is late...
Rise now from your realms infernal!
Sleepless, evil ones
Emanate from night eternal!
Sleepless evil, Satanas, come forth!