"Holocaust Dawn" lyrics - WATAIN

"Holocaust Dawn"

Can you see the flames glow
At the brooding gates of dawn?
At last, we are nearly there...
Long was the winter
And dark were the stars
That eclipsed our dying hearts
And the snow fell
While blind men waltzed with Death
On tombs of mighty gods
At war with all
Though yonderwards, ever our gaze
Certain, our sight, like the daggers we wield
Staled by doubt, yet never to yield...
What spoils shall the soil spill forth then?
What buds shall burst?
What crops may our sickles reap?
What beasts shall rise from their sleep?
Eerie shines the light of morning stars
Eager sound the horns of Holocaust
Behold, ye angels petrified
Through tears of woe and awe
A nameless plague veiled and deformed
Through leaden morning dust now stalks
Mind not my burden
Although it is the weight of all sins
Their harvester awaits at the end of my road
Mind not my disfigurements
Although they are the pains of all flesh
For I run with wolves at night
And quenchless is their hunger...
How long, the winter
How cold, the night
How dark, the hearts...
Shine now ye strange light!
Shine, rampant star!
Pale, at Holocaust Dawn