"The Wild Hunt" lyrics - WATAIN

"The Wild Hunt"

Dawnless. So it seems this sacred night
Havenless. Beneath black sails with no land in sight
Fathomless. The depths that lay before us now
Lawless. Before the courts of men we must not bow
And so it was, when we were young
We left the path, followed the sun
As it sunk into the Netherworld to shine in Darkness

[Pre-Chorus 1:]
Thus rose aflame
A sacred star
A God's reply
And who were we to deny such a splendid design
And the answer to our cries?

[Pre-Chorus 2:]
Thus it rose
To wage war
And its rays
They reached far

To the nights spent hunting
When the dawn was our sign to tell
It was time to sleep again
And to our fellow hunters
In whose hearts gleamed the spark
That later became our destiny
And tomb, for some
If we had only known them
If we had only known...
We were not meant to know then
Good we did not know
Good we did not bow!

We made it rise from the ash
We made it rise from the tears
In likeness to He who brought Fire
The Fallen's sacred flame