"Can't Stay Alone Tonight" lyrics - ELTON JOHN

"Can't Stay Alone Tonight"

Blew the dust out of the corners
Threw some dead wood on the fire
Tuned the radio to silence
Watched the evening sun expire

Should have called you up this morning
But I'm such a fool at times
I still search my shaving mirror
Looking for your face with mine

And I can't stay alone tonight
Can't let another day go by
Why is it always this way
Time never seems to really fly
And time is never really on my side
And I can't stay alone tonight
Things have to change and they might
But I can't stay alone tonight

Chalk up one more crazy notion
Imagination running wild
But if I needed confirmation
I would have gone that extra mile

You're the last chance on the highway
I'm that open stretch of road
You're the diner in my rear-view
A cup of coffee getting cold


Bruised in this cold war of words
We've come undone two loose ends alone
Possessed by that curse you've endured
The spell that I cast couldn't make you come home