"The New Fever Waltz" lyrics - ELTON JOHN

"The New Fever Waltz"

Forgotten scars remind us of
Too much war, too little love
Beneath the fault line truth to burn
Within the page so much to learn

Wounded birds look to us
Who can heal, who to trust
Bring down the giants old and new
Strike up the band and waltz on through

I was shaking with a fever
When the last good horse went down
We were just a couple dancing
Where a thousand kings were crowned
Shaking with a fever
Before the white flag flew
And the ballroom opened up to us
And the dancers danced on through

Love in ruins, torn apart
Victims of the careless heart
Skating on the cold grey ice
Before the flood toward the light

Muddy boots to shiny shoes
Headlines screaming out the news
From dirt and camp to hardwood floors
Beyond the burned out broken walls

[Chorus 2x]