"The Diving Board" lyrics - ELTON JOHN

"The Diving Board"

Took a high dive arcing out wide
Into the crowd
Out to the sound of their wild applause
But you've heard it before
And you've seen it all
From up there on the diving board

You'd free fall into the ether
Above the people
Out on a limb fragile and adored
But who below knows that
You're still a mystery
Way up on the diving board

Sink or swim, I can't recall
Who said that to me when I was sixteen
And full of the world and its noise
But you beat the drum
You fell in love with it all
The planets alight, those dizzy heights
And the view from the diving board

Took the grand prize you and your eyes
Butterfly light
Escaping the reach
Of their fangs and their claws
Such a pale little thing
In your lily-white skin
High up on the diving board

[Chorus 2x]