"Take This Dirty Water" lyrics - ELTON JOHN

"Take This Dirty Water"

Spare the rod, don't spare the fool
If you take the breaks you're given
You get to make the rules
Take a chance and make it fast
IF you break some bones on landing
You know you're built to last

Fight the tide and find the shore
If the gift horse isn't smiling
Just learn to ride some more
Commone sense is a rule of thumb
If the suckers throw a red flag
Blow 'em all to Kingdom Come

And take this dirty water
Running like a river
In and out of everything
We helped to put together
Take this dirty water
Help to keep it clean
Get back to the wellspring
Purify the stream

Search out days that never end
If it's only for the chance
To feel just like a child again
Tell a lie that speaks the truth
If the heart becomes a prisoner
Your soul will turn you loose

[Chorus 2x]