"Beer Time" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"Beer Time"
(Rhett Akins / Justin Moore / Jeremy Stover)

Bird dog just had her puppies that's a hundred dollars cash apiece
This old boy struck it country rich
At least for a couple of weeks
I owe my daddy that 50 spot
And the muffler shop the rest
But daddy and bubba's gonna have to wait
I've got an empty ice chest

Boys it's beer time
This old town's dry
Headed to the county line
For something cold
I need a twelve pack in a brown paper sack
Ice it down in the back
Find a deep mud hole
I got my baby and some rowdy friends of mine
It's beer time

I heard Bocephus was coming to town and I still had a little cash
I bought me a couple of nosebleed tickets
Way up in the back
It chilled me to the bone when he sang
Got a shotgun rifle and a four wheel drive
Crowd went crazy and I told my baby
It was worth every dime

Now it's beer time
Hearing Hank play live country boy can survive
I need something cold
When the show ends party with my rowdy friends
Hell of a weekend
I ain't ready to go
Crack another top beneath the parking lot lights
It's beer time


So it's beer time [2x]
It's 5 o'clock Friday afternoon
And it's beer time
Yeah the fish are biting in a honey hole
It's beer time