"Sunshine Babies" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"Sunshine Babies"
(Rhett Akins / Justin Moore / Jeremy Stover)

Down in Alabama they wear them little cutoffs
In Georgia it's camo bikini tops
South Carolina laying on the Myrtle Beach
Panama City drinking shots for free
That time I went out to California, had to dodge them on the PCH
And over there in Little Rock sunning on the bass boat
Sipping on a cold one out on the lake

Them sunshine babies
All across the land working on a tan
Driving country boys crazy
All oiled down with a beer in their hand
Easy to spot, way too hot
I'm digging on what they got
Them sunshine babies

Hat turned backwards, flying down a back road
CJ 7, headed for the swimming hole
Me and the boys, hanging out of the doors
Ain't got no fishing pole, got no lures
Because what we're after's laying up on the bank
They're jumping off that old rope swing
Barefoot in the mud, cooler on the tailgate
I can see em now, shaking their thing

[Chorus 2x]

I'm digging on what they got
Driving country boys crazy