"My Kind Of Woman" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"My Kind Of Woman"
(Brian Dean Maher / Justin Moore / Jeremy Stover)

She likes an ice cold Bud pressed against her hand
Standing on the porch looking across our land
Seeing the bass hit that top water
And that was my kind of woman first time I saw her

Yeah she looks good on my tractor, good on my truck
Good on my bed when the sun comes up
She's good with a cane pole, good with a gun
It's cornbread and sweet tea where she's from
She's my kind of woman, good as they come

She'd rather be on a lake than in a mall
In a duck blind at daylight blowing my call
She likes to get hog wild in the middle of the day
Yeah my kind of woman likes to roll in the hay

[Chorus 2x]

Yeah she's my kind of woman, good as they come