"Flyin' Down A Back Road" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"Flyin' Down A Back Road"
(Justin Moore / Jamie Paulin / Jeremy Stover)

I've been on the Grand Ole Opry
I've played a show with ZZ Top
Went on tour with Skynyrd and man, they still rock
Shot the bull with Bocephus, before he climbed up on his jet
Played South Florida with Alan Jackson
That's some things that you never forget

And all that stuff it makes you feel real good
But not near as good

As flying down a back road
With some buddies from back home
A splash of Jack in my Coke
Catching brim on a Zebco
Spotting deer in a hay field
After church a Sunday meal
Hugging mama before I go
Flying down a back road

Up there in Des Moines, they knew my songs line by line
I just stood there in the fake smoke
Another dream came true that night
I've seen so many places I thought I'd never see
All the way from California to as far as you can go East



I'm a lucky man, I got a real good life
With all the things I've done nothing gets me as high


Flying down a back road