"Outlaws Like Me" lyrics - JUSTIN MOORE

"Outlaws Like Me"
(Justin Moore / Jeremy Stover)

I've been a rough houser, a good time sleep arounder
A straight up whiskey pounder, till I don't know my name
I've been a church goer, a front pew Bible holder
A cry on my momma's shoulder when she saw me change
But each day's a choice, which one I'm going to be
God bless outlaws like me

I curse the sun, I pray for rain
I've run a mile to walk through pain
I've seen the worst and I've seen the best that I could be
God bless outlaws like me

I've been an SOB'er, a nighttime barroom leaner
A go back and forth betweener, and that's the truth
And I've been a come home early, get to my girl in a hurry
At night so she didn't worry, I even said I love you
But each day's days a choice, to love her or living free
God bless outlaws like me

[Chorus 2x]

God bless outlaws like me