"Leave Me Alone" lyrics - MACHINE GUN KELLY

"Leave Me Alone"
feat. R. City


This is just a real song, you know
MGK, Rock City Let's Go!

[Hook: Rock City]
They said I been wrong for way too long, I wish they would leave me alone
They said I ain't strong and I can't hold on, I wish they would leave me alone
He said, she said, that I'm wanted by the law, I wish they would leave me alone
And ain't no wanted man gonna get too far, I wish they would leave me alone

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
I never would've thought as a kid dreaming to record
That I would've went through more ups and downs that a seesaw
But this a grown man's world so you need balls
Million and one problems, the fuck you bitching at me for?
Bruh, but what you eat doesn't make me shit
So no matter what I'mma make these hits
'Cause hating on you couldn't make me rich
So I gotta, gotta go get that dollar and the fifteen cents
For the profit don't equal the rent
Shit, I'm a father, I gotta feed my kids
And I wish that I could say I had 15 friends
Who happy to see my success and don't want a piece of my ends
'Cause what they don't understand is I'm struggling just like them
I just pray that my story is gon' be happy in the end


[Verse 2: Machine Gun Kelly]
And I pray for happiness in these sad times
Hope someday my life will bubble like it's bath time
What else? Maybe somewhere countin' numbers like it's math time
So I gotta grind, no breaks, fuck halftime
I've had a job since fourteen
Pushing carts, fast food, scrubbing floors, yeah I done the whole thing
But I was fed up, couldn't just work for anybody
And I guess it's true what they say, school's not for everybody
I'm just a dropout, nineteen with no hope
But my notebook front to back is full of big dreams of SoHo
And I don't know, how to answer my girl when she ask
When you gonna work and leave this music in the past?


[Verse 3: Machine Gun Kelly]
If it is what I ask for, a little money in my pocket and a passport
But I never knew that it would come at the price
Of a hundred people hatin on me, now I gotta wear a mask or
Just fast forward, 'cause the internet thug in this city wanna see you fail
But if you rewind, know I've been through hell
So no matter what I will prevail
So my father or my daughter or myself and all my team
And these labels couldn't change me either, not one thing
See the streets want me to thug, and corporate America thinks I'm priceless
If I remove the curse and live my life like Miley Cyrus
But I'm none of that, fuck that, the money couldn't change me
Still the underdog, still the kid, it's the same me
Came from the bottom on my own
And I did it as MGK, fuck off and leave me alone
I'm gone