"Still Get It In Ohio" lyrics - MACHINE GUN KELLY

"Still Get It In Ohio"

O-H-10 in this mother fucker what they thought it was man? Used to? Fuck that we still get it in ohio baby! Machine gun kells! MGK what up! Midwest c'mon!

KELLS! I run this bitch (so what?) walk every stripper I don't give two fucks (fucks)
I done give the city everything except my two nuts (ha)
UGH making it rain until the floor's wet (phew)
Reputation keeping all these haters off my door step (fuck outta here)
Half of my city mad (so what), half of my city ridin'
Half of my city hate 'cause half of my city lyin'
They know they feel the kid supporting undercover, scared to be down after I show the world my skin color
But the mother fuckers know what I do dog, you don't want any beef from me you not a fool dog (nope)
If it ain't about the money then I'm cool ya'll, any rappers knows I'm better than you all (you know what it is)
From the state where the kids get dumb high
Break it down and roll it up with love for the alumni
Where the cops on me about to come by (what?)
Let 'em know we coming straight out BUCKEYES (ohio waddup!)
And what they thought they got me all fucked, hit every campus in the state and get us all something (july?)
Got high on high street, shot gunned at o-state (oh)
Miami mommy's brought that white and ate the whole cake (i love ya'll!)
And down in Kent they got it poppin' with the Smirnoff's
Started with some twerk then it ended with the shirts off (damn!)
It's natti light and natti please believe they get it crackin' (yes)
And I love my diamonds so I call my A D pi's in Akron (waddup!)
Then catch the frats in action they make sure my music bump (ugh)
At the party took it to the back with a bitch with a mouth like Donald Duck (you know what that means)
And they call me Donald Trump Mr. O-H-I-O took your misses and now you just Mr. I-hate-my-ho (lame)
You've seen them facebook pictures blowin' the whole team (ha!)
But you know the rules there's no cuffing down in bowling green
My downed Dayton apples stuffed and snuffed ahold of these roll it up puff puff and blows for me wanna fuck get (caugh caugh) the ones (da fuck?) who wants a zone for free
Six hour drive so I wanna feel that in my lungs now (yes!)
The whole 28 grams of kush it lasted me to youngstown (y-o waddup!)
Y-o to Springfield then Wittenberg to Athens express 6 pressin 6 press that god got me high as athen
Toledo put it down never forgot that story, we had the r-a's butt naked in the dormitory (stupid yo)
This is the state we live in (UH!) so squash that hate you spittin' (UH!!)
Double-o hi good riddance BITCHES!
If you know like I know (huh?) homie lie low, so what that mean? Stay the FUCK OUT OF OHIO (ooh)
Blaze the hydro and I ain't sharing my dough, so what? So stay the fuck up out of mine yo!
If you know like I know we don't drive slow, no lip 'cause I don't fuck with the 5-O
But we high though if I want it I know...KELLS! I STILL GET IT IN OHIO!

All day mother fucker!
Money to the ceiling was a real good feeling ya know?!
Four coasts in this mother fucker don't forget about this shit
They who that? I say we that!
Slim G, Dub-O, Lil Mike, BMG what up!
If you're not rolling with us get the fuck out the way

[Peter Parker]: You already know what it is, it's that takeover