"Turnt Up" lyrics - MACHINE GUN KELLY

"Turnt Up"
feat. Travis Porter

I'm all the way turnt up, make sure that my volume is to the maximum
'Cause I don't give a fuck, when all the neighbors up there go asking them
Dexter would you turn that down? Say fuck you man bite my dagger
Disturbed the peace, got addicted, now I'm a Rolling Stone like Mick Jagger
Headphones up louder, riding on the bus making sure they hear my shit
Bus driver told me to "turn it down", Heisman that ho like Michael Vick
Press play and dip, feel like I got a whole marching band behind me
Turned all the way up, sideways, so big I might 'cause the next tsunami
Try me, try me watch how I service blasting, now you can't find me
Engulfed in a bubble bath next to a girl with a bubble ass squeakin shiny
And Kells gone, wax on wax off in the tub with the music blaring
MGK all the way turnt up, I don't fuck with them libraries