"Like That" lyrics - MACHINE GUN KELLY

"Like That"

[MGK: Verse 1]
Kells, Yeah!
I'm cold shit stepping out the freezer
The people love my Dougie my denim bluer than Skeeter
Tatted under the beater, I'm spotted up like a cheetah
Look like Leave It to Beaver, liquored up by the liter
Freshest freshman on campus, no notebooks in the bag
Blinding me with the cameras, never look at the tags
Body look like a canvas, skin is covered with tats
And the Chucks are always the classics
Look like I'm in the past
And I stay B-Boy'd up
Neighbors in my business make me wanna turn the noise up
Always been a kid bet I go and get my toys up
Transformer tatted on my arm like the toys yup
Holler at me prime time, any times my time
Every day's grind time, every nights shine time
No chain needed I am just a star
Forever in your life like a scar
What's up girls!?
Understand I am better than your man
So whatever is the plans
I look better in your past
And bet I'm the level with Peter Pan
Eyes chinky like I grew up in Japan

Yeah, you know how I'm feelin'
Relo in a dub sack you know how I'm chillin'
And I do it like that all black in the back
Yeah I'm coolin' like that
Like That [6x]
Like That [6x]

[MGK: Verse 2]
I'm back, back, rocking like Jack Black
Jumping round the room like a hack sack
One me, four hoes, three tats, I'm so abstract
You can be futuristic and I'll be past that
Funny 'cause I don't think they get it
And MTV could never see how I'm living
'Cause I don't got a crib I got a car that I live in
Every day different city, four seats, eight women
I'm from city where the terminal towers over
The top of the train tracks
Bring it back ASAP
The hood chicks love me
I keep a Heights girl
And Becky got a benz
Shout out to my white girl!
Orange drink in my cup
Fresh Prince in my XBox
Kush in my blunt
Go and get your friends
Gause tonight we up
Three Olives and pickle
Lets get fucked up