"Payback Music" lyrics - MACHINE GUN KELLY

"Payback Music"

Staring at this paper like an inmate out the window
Watching my net worth steadily grow like a crescendo
You know engulfing every molecule that is around us
Left out the bush 'cause in the jungle how could they have found us?

See me and my teammate busy hoping we make it happen
Ain't nothing funny but the money, we too busy laughing
Couldn't fathom as a freshman when I wasn't passing
That I'd be pulling out a mansion laughing in the Phantom

18 years old behind the steering wheel in the cruiser
City lights in front but the rear view flashes lights from the [?]
My goodness his hoodness is only cool for a minute
And I'm freezing from that cold shoulder from the winters

Either way I split the swishers let em *sss* runnin' hits
I would puff and pass, but there's no one in here that could hit it
I swear the car was full, even had some trouble fitting
And now the trip is ended and I'm the only one sitting, damn